Examensarbete Hydrologidagarna Världsvattendagen

Hydrologidagarna 2018, 22 mars i Stockholm – Spara datumet !

SHR och SIWI bjuder in den 22 mars till en dag som kombinerar ett seminarie med fokus på vattenrelaterad forskning och SIWIs evenemang för att fira världsvattendagen.

Under förmiddagen (09:00-11:30) kommer ett seminarie kring vattenrelaterade frågor att anordnas i SIWIs lokaler i Stockholm. Bland annat kommer SHRs stipendier för bästa examensarbete att delas ut.

Eftermiddagen kommer att hållas på Grand Hotel med fokus på temat ”Nature for Water”.  

Mer information kommer snart.

Examensarbete Hydrologidagarna

Apply for the best student thesis in hydrology 2017

SHR would like to award outstanding student theses at the bachelor- and masterlevel in hydrology in 2017.

All bachelor and master students who published their thesis in 2017 and who wrote their thesis at one of SHR’s member organization are welcome to apply before 1st January 2018. The selected candidates will receive a diploma and a stipend of 7 500 kr during the next Hydrologidagarna in spring 2018.

As student ask your supervisor for advice/ recommendation or get some inspiration from the previously awarded works in 2016 by  Josefin Tidermann (BSc) and Bettina Matti (Matti’s work was even published in a scientific journal some time after she had applied for SHR’s price).

More information can be found here. For additional questions please contact info__at__hydrologi.org.